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What is a Spiritual Bath?

What is a Spiritual Bath?

When you feel your troubles are weighing you down and feel out of sync with the world, it is time for a spiritual cleansing. All kinds of problems can pile up like pockets of negativity within us until our perspective is distorted. There’s no better way to cleanse and renew than by taking a bath.

One of the best methods of honoring yourself is through the spiritual method of cleaning emotional toxins from your body.

Since earliest times people have recognized the benefits of a warm relaxing bath. Not only does it clean you, but it can also re-charge your batteries and set you up to face life’s challenges.

Since ancient times, many civilizations have understood this and developed bathing ritual, even in areas where water is both precious and scarce.

Bathing rituals fall in to two broad groups. On the one hand are those rituals which seek to cleanse the bather, using water’s power as an astringent and on the other are those which try to bring the bather in to balance with nature, reflecting the importance of water as the giver of life.

A good example of the former is Christian baptism. In effect baptism is a spiritual as well as a physical cleansing, where the water washes away the sins of the flesh and the legacy of one’s pre- Christian self, so that the new Christian is pure both physically and spiritually and can be welcomed in to the Church.

However the Eastern Tradition of spiritual bathing is slightly different. Rather than cutting you off from nature, in the Eastern tradition spiritual bathing seeks to make you one with nature. By absorbing the life giving essences of water and the natural ingredients that are added to it the bather becomes closer to nature and more in tune with their own desires and needs.

Focusing on this latter tradition and using the right ingredients, we are able to perform cleansing and healing rituals that will make life better.

Preparing a Spiritual Bath

The first thing to say about a spiritual bath is that like anything that involves water it is connected to the cycles of the moon. The ideal time to perform this ritual is during the time of the New Moon,(full moon) a time when the moon is undergoing rebirth and you can too.

A spiritual bath is supposed to get you physically clean. For the best result you should be rested and clean before you have your bath. Take a shower and use an unflavored soap, do not use strong detergents as these run counter to the healthy environment you are trying to create. You also need to make sure that your bath tub is clean, but again try to avoid bleaches and strong detergents.

Just before dawn or at dusk, times which focus upon transition and change are the best times to have a spiritual bath. At such times it is often dark and therefore you may wish to use candles to provide light. The color of the candles should reflect your mood and the change you are trying to create. Red or orange candles work best for conception spells, whilst blue is a calming color that has healing qualities.

Now that your physical surroundings are in harmony it is important to get your mind in balance. If you know yoga or have learned how to meditate then these are ideal ways to prepare. If you haven’t learned these skills yet, try having a mini-sleep. Put your head down for 30-45 minutes and go from there.

Fill the bath about half full with warm water. As you are likely to be in the bath for 25-30 minutes you may might want your bath to be a little hotter than normal, it is all down to personal taste. Do whatever feels comfortable.

Also, certain cleansing baths can require cold water, not warm.

Most people obtain spiritual cleansings for a number of reasons.  The most common are:

1. Divorce -(especially nasty ones)

2. Repeated financial difficulty

3. Relationship/family problems of a recurrent nature

4. Unusual disturbances in the home or in the workplace

5. Prior to entering into deep spiritual/meditative work

6. Persistent Spiritual Disturbances

7. A feeling of heaviness and lethargy associated with intense negative  energy.

8. Contact with the dead. Spirits of the dead can cause emotional disturbances and chaos in a persons life.

Spiritual Cleansing Bath

This bath is to remove negative influences.

Take a clean measuring jar and add:

Two cups of water that has been boiled and allowed to cool
A tablespoon of Ammonia
A tablespoon of Sea Salt
Stir well

Add the contents to a half-full bathtub. You should bathe three times for five minutes at a time. At the same time you should offer up a prayer for release from whatever is holding you back.

Deeper Cleansing Bath

This is a bath, if it is taken regularly, will lead to a marked improvement in your confidence. Your aura and mood will lighten and your will feel better equipped to deal with life’s challenges.

To make this come to pass you should add ¼ of a cup of Baking Soda (also called Bicarbonate of Soda) to your bath.

Many people report a wide range of physical heath benefits from this treatment, but these are not guaranteed, remember the main reason for undertaking these actions is to improve your spiritual well- being.

Herbal Baths

Herbal bath can be used for a variety of different reasons but preparation in each case follows the same route. Take about a teaspoon of the appropriate her and add it to a cup of boiling water exactly as if you were making a cup of tea. Leave it to diffuse until the cup has cooled to room temperature and then strain out the herb. Add the liquid that has left to your bath and proceed as outlined above. Amongst the most popular herbal bath are:

Basil – Regular cooking with Basil, ideally fresh, has a protective and healing effect. It can be especially useful when one is feeling threatened or victimized by an aggressive person. When using this bath you should pray for spiritual protection and support.
Cinnamon – Cinnamon affects domestic matters. For that reason it can be used in spells for financial improvement, but also as an aid for conception. Both you and your partner should take separate baths each flavored with a cup of cinnamon tea, one after the other. Stay in the bath for 10-15 minutes and immerse yourself 5 times, praying for a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery. In combination with Parsley, a cinnamon bath can markedly improve your financial situation.
Nutmeg – Nutmeg is best used in its powdered form. It has a range of uses; it can increase your luck, make you more positive and reduce your levels of stress. It will also make other people more willing to listen to you. Any situation which is causing a problem can be removed by a nutmeg bath.


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